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Rocket Love

Musical Parody

Produced by Ian Miller and William Cartwright at Studio 9, Glastonbury.

Written by Kim von Coels, Ian Miller, William Cartwright

and Darren Newton

Performed by Kim von Coels and Sophie Goddard-Jones.

Video by Deadbeat Films, filmed at The Krumble Empire.




Nataraj - King Artisan

Music video

Video produced by Alex Diaz and Kim von Coels

Starring Julie Dodd

With help from Sophie Alexi, Domenic Bell and Tasha Collins

Filmed and edited by Alex Diaz

Light Painting by Kim von Coels and Sophie Alexi

Hollow Giants


Music Video

The White Room

Experimental Short Film

with Charlotte Bibby and Deadbeat Films

"Happy Halloween"

with Jezz, Doosie, Chris andHelen.

directed by Mickey Richardson


The Crowned Dinocorns of Yuseffa


with Natasha Hopkins


Dali Atomicus


Deadbeat Films


Earthly Delights

Short Film

Deadbeat Films


Krumble Party vlog. Part 1

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Krumble Party vlog. Part 2

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Krumble Party vlog. Part 3

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